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Today we continue the UNWAVERING Actor Highlight series with Sarah Hunter.

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The role Sarah played in UNWAVERING was Eva. Eva is one of the girls in captivity. In our first film, Gretchen’s Lock, Sarah played the infamous role of Gretchen and did a wonderful job. We knew we wanted her to be a part of UNWAVERING and she gave life to the role she played.

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Here are the questions we asked Sarah:

MPF: What was your favorite part of filming for UNWAVERING?

Sarah: My favorite part of filming Unwavering was when we had to run out of the building and out to the back from the bad guys to get away as fast and quiet and possible. It was very heart pounding.

MPF: What’s your favorite role you’ve ever played?

Sarah: My favorite role I ever played in a film was Gretchen in Gretchen’s Lock.

MPF: Which actor(s) inspire you?

Sarah: Melissa McCarthy inspires me as an actress.

MPF: What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Sarah: The Great Gatsby

MPF: What are a couple of your hobbies?

Sarah: My hobbies are crafting, reading and acting.

MPF: What made you interested in acting?

Sarah: I’ve always wanted to be in movies and TV shows even when I was little. I looked up to Disney characters and always dreamed of staring on Disney Channel. When I entered the 9th grade I discovered the Speech and Debate team and I found my inner actor. It’s one of my most favorable memories. 

MPF: Favorite color?

Sarah: My favorite color is Pink!

MPF: Who is your favorite character in the UNWAVERING film?

Sarah: My favorite character in the UWAVERING film would have to be Sarah. She really is tested a lot throughout the film and it was amazing to see her act.

MPF: Do you have any advice for aspiring actors?

Sarah: My advice to anyone interested in acting to follow their dreams. Even if it may seem impossible, it’s not. You’re dreams can always become a reality.

Thank you, Sarah, for being a part of this film! The Grand Premiere for UNWAVERING is less than a month away! You can get tickets for it here: UNWAVERING Grand Premiere

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